TARDIS Takeoff
TARDIS Landing
TARDIS in Flight TARDIS Breakdowns Misc. Sounds
Early variation of long TARDIS takeoff 
(An Unearthly Child {Original Pilot}, 417Kb)

Thud, then long TARDIS takeoff 
(An Unearthly Child, 903Kb)

Interior TARDIS hum and then takeoff 
(The Daleks, 221Kb)

TARDIS going haywire (during regeneration) then takeoff 
(The Tenth Planet, 479Kb)

Interior TARDIS hum, flicking of switches, and then takeoff 
(Power of the Daleks, 259Kb)

TARDIS takeoff

(The Highlanders, 155Kb )

TARDIS takeoff

(The War Games, 95Kb)

A nuclear generator jump-starting the TARDIS 
(Inferno, 229Kb)

Another TARDIS takeoff 
(From the CD "Doctor Who Vol. I : Earthshock",536Kb )

A Type 70 TARDIS taking off
(The Sirens of Time, 171Kb )
Short TARDIS landing
(The Chase, 98Kb)

TARDIS landing

(The Massacre, 97Kb)

Long descending noise that melts into TARDIS landing with abrupt end 
(The Dominators, 181Kb)

Same as last clip but with added echo at the end 
(The Dominators, 176Kb)

Unusual TARDIS landing (very cool!) 
(The Space Pirates, 254Kb)

TARDIS landing

(The War Games, 87Kb)

Long TARDIS landing 
(The Claws of Axos, 254Kb)

The Master's TARDIS landing 
(Castrovalva, 157Kb )

The TARDIS traveling through the Space/Time Continuum. 
(The BBC/Fox Dr. Who Movie, 75Kb)

The TARDIS engines being jump started. 
(The BBC/Fox Dr. Who Movie, 113Kb)

The Doctor humming to himself while the TARDIS is in flight. 
(The BBC/Fox Dr. Who Movie, 111Kb)

Explosion, then TARDIS sounding sick  
(The Edge of Destruction, 151Kb)

The TARDIS breaking down 
(Spearhead from Space, 136Kb)

The TARDIS breaking down 
(Terror of the Autons, 118Kb)

The TARDIS out of control 
(Resurrection of the Daleks, 27Kb ) 

TARDIS cloister bell ringing 3 times 
(Logopolis, 99Kb)

Explosions, the TARDIS straining to take off
(Storm Warning, 56Kb)
Interior TARDIS hum
(The Daleks, 102Kb)

Dalek control room "heartbeat"

(The Daleks, 147Kb)

TARDIS viewing screen opening

(Unknown, 39Kb)

Another TARDIS viewing screen opening 
(Creature from the Pit, 51Kb)

Transmat in progress

(The Five Doctors, 86Kb)

The sonic screw driver. 
(The BBC/Fox Dr. Who Movie, 19Kb)